When thinking of a title for this post, "thankful" was the most appropriate to summarize all that has happened for our family.
We have spent the summer seeking the next step for our family. We pushed on several doors and have now ended up in the Bay Area of California. Kevin has been provided with work in this crazy economy and we have been provided with housing for one year! We Are Thankful!
The area we live in, Novato, CA is not experiencing major rainfall. We are thankful!
Joanna has connected with several moms already and is giving homeschooling a go. We are thankful!
Our Oregon family is still just a long day's drive away. We are thankful!
Kevin is able to bike to work a mere 3 miles from home. We are thankful!
Our children are healthy and we are loved deeply by the One who holds all things together. We are thankful!


Interested Onlookers & Stalwart Supports,
Thank you for your support and prayers. Our family has been grateful for our time among family and friends.
We have enjoyed the hospitality of family and friends, and the chance to join in the celebration of several birthdays and a wedding.
At this time, our family has determined that we will not be returning to Mexico this year. We are so glad for our opportunity of time there.
Please keep us in prayer now as Kevin looks for full-time employment and we seek where the Lord would have us for a time.


Life In Technicolor

"Mom! Look at all the different kinds of trees!"
This was the comment from our oldest as we rolled along our last stretch of road in Oregon.
While I miss the sunshine in Mexico dearly, I am savoring the grass between my toes and the colors that only Oregon rain can bring.
Kevin and I had a wonderful weekend at www.lifeimpactministries.net. We were able to go without our children (thank you Mom & Dad) and this allowed for unfettered time to process, as well as spend time just the two of us! The Grissens's - our hosts and coaches, were a wonderful couple. They had plenty of life experience to speak to our circumstances and the voice of wisdom outside our circumstances was greatly appreciated.
We are praying about our next step.
Thank you to those of you who have fed us, housed us and loved us while we are here.
Here are two photos - one of us in the snow at Sunriver sans kiddos and the other of a sunny day in Astoria at the park with green grass!


Safely in Oregon

We are safely in Oregon. Our goal is to spend the next few weeks refueling our relational tanks with good fellowship and spending some time as a couple debriefing and asking what the next step for our family is...back to Mexico?....serve long-term on a mission field with a mission agency?....settle in a community Stateside and be intentional with those the Lord places around us?....regardless, I am enjoying sleeping in homes with insulation, hot water on demand, and grass for my children to play on. I miss the sunshine though....dearly. Here was a good-bye ice cream date in Ensenada, with the Villegas and friends.


A post to keep you posted

Dear Family, Friends and Curious Strangers,
We are leaving in two days to return to our passport country and state. Why not call it home? Well, we are not sure where that is. Our family will be taking a short season to re-evaluate our emotional health, and the direction the Lord has for us. Since I am the one writing this post, I will speak from my point of view. Our finances have fizzled, which has made me frazzled. I have felt lonely, and long for a clear sense of purpose for our family. Living in Tijuana, has been safe, but Tijuana is not Mexico. It is a sad mix between Mexico and the States. There is not a clear distinction between two worlds. The lines get bleary and burdensome. So I don't feel like Tijuana is home, though the sunshine is a good place to start. We look forward to connecting with many of you in person and sharing about our time South of the Border.Below are a few photos from April.


Coming Up Next.....

We have spent several months in Tijuana, and our experience here has been quite safe, thank you very much.
We have added some new photos and journaled a few thoughts.
Our mailing address is new too.
Please take a few minutes and send us an email or Facebook post


A New Year

A Very Happy New Year!
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