Life In Technicolor

"Mom! Look at all the different kinds of trees!"
This was the comment from our oldest as we rolled along our last stretch of road in Oregon.
While I miss the sunshine in Mexico dearly, I am savoring the grass between my toes and the colors that only Oregon rain can bring.
Kevin and I had a wonderful weekend at We were able to go without our children (thank you Mom & Dad) and this allowed for unfettered time to process, as well as spend time just the two of us! The Grissens's - our hosts and coaches, were a wonderful couple. They had plenty of life experience to speak to our circumstances and the voice of wisdom outside our circumstances was greatly appreciated.
We are praying about our next step.
Thank you to those of you who have fed us, housed us and loved us while we are here.
Here are two photos - one of us in the snow at Sunriver sans kiddos and the other of a sunny day in Astoria at the park with green grass!

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