Our Story

We have moved back to the States for a season. We look forward to the new chapters unfolding before us and miss our Mexico family. Who knows where His road will lead us...but for today, we are here! (Here being Novato, CA )

Who knows when our journey actually "began". We think it started in March 2010 when Kevin joined a team from Coastline Christian Fellowship heading down to serve for a week at Calvary Chapel Las Palmas.

Monday night he decided he would go. The team headed out Friday morning. Two days later as Joanna was chatting with a friend at church, the friend casually remarked, "You know he is going to come back and move you all to Mexico." Joanna replied, "I know he is going to WANT to."

One week later at 6AM Kevin returned to Oregon a changed man. Joanna noticed an immediate difference and was prepared to follow him wherever he was going. The 1st of April, the Magee family packed the van and headed back south to Mexico. Even as we were going on that trip, the Lord showed His provision and blessing. We wanted to bring some practical items to help the church and as we were going shopping to fill the list, the Lord's people provided the items or the funds so that the entire list was taken care of.

During our time in Las Palmas, we were stirred to come and serve alongside the people there. We wanted to encourage and assist them as they minister. Pastor Hassan and his wife confirmed a call on our family. They encouraged us to seek counsel from our Pastor and our church leadership.

By the end of April we had confirmed a call to go and had seen the Lord confirm it with Scripture.

What will we be doing? 
We have learned that in ministry we need to be flexible to the needs that arise. For now Kevin will be helping with sound. The church has a vision for a bookstore and coffee ministry that speaks to his heart. Joanna will be an administrative junkie helping with data-entry, web updates and raising three beautiful children. We both would love to see an intern program get off the ground. So, here we are, headed out on our great adventure to Valle de Las Palmas, Mexico. Below is a photo of our family with the Villegas, taken in April 2010.

Here is an audio link to our story as we shared it at Coastline Sunday May 23, 2010  http://audio.coastlinefellowship.org/audio/ccf052310.mp3

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