When thinking of a title for this post, "thankful" was the most appropriate to summarize all that has happened for our family.
We have spent the summer seeking the next step for our family. We pushed on several doors and have now ended up in the Bay Area of California. Kevin has been provided with work in this crazy economy and we have been provided with housing for one year! We Are Thankful!
The area we live in, Novato, CA is not experiencing major rainfall. We are thankful!
Joanna has connected with several moms already and is giving homeschooling a go. We are thankful!
Our Oregon family is still just a long day's drive away. We are thankful!
Kevin is able to bike to work a mere 3 miles from home. We are thankful!
Our children are healthy and we are loved deeply by the One who holds all things together. We are thankful!

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