A post to keep you posted

Dear Family, Friends and Curious Strangers,
We are leaving in two days to return to our passport country and state. Why not call it home? Well, we are not sure where that is. Our family will be taking a short season to re-evaluate our emotional health, and the direction the Lord has for us. Since I am the one writing this post, I will speak from my point of view. Our finances have fizzled, which has made me frazzled. I have felt lonely, and long for a clear sense of purpose for our family. Living in Tijuana, has been safe, but Tijuana is not Mexico. It is a sad mix between Mexico and the States. There is not a clear distinction between two worlds. The lines get bleary and burdensome. So I don't feel like Tijuana is home, though the sunshine is a good place to start. We look forward to connecting with many of you in person and sharing about our time South of the Border.Below are a few photos from April.

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