Magee's to Mexico

Thank you for looking in on us during our adventure in Mexico. Check out the different pages across the top. There are photos, maps and videos sprinkled throughout, so poke around and send us a comment or an email.


Kyle Jespersen said...

Joanna, your last email to me left my head spinning: you have a third child now, you all moved to Mexico, and you know what my Mother's Day card looked liked due to my brother's Facebook postings (ah, Facebook. How I try to remain unlured by its sticky inextricable web!)
It's very nice to know about this here site; it'll allow me to keep up to date on the Magees, hence less headspinning! I love you all and miss you.

The Fryin' Ducthman said...


It has been too long for Sir Kyle Jespersen to have held the throne of comment-ry aloft the heights of your loft-worthy blog of loftiness!

Truly amazing pictures on the front page [God has given our families great gifts in photography] making for many smiles. Girls hanging from van [Blue Steel forever!] ceiling, Mother-Daughter moment in hammock, and Father and Son in matching Mexico futbol jerseys - "GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALL!"

Love you all and miss you tons, perhaps even more than Mr. Jespersen down there... :-D

-Uncle Daniel

P.S. You know those random "confirmation" words they force you to type out when posting on a blog, mine tonight was "vealiali"
... yeah, run with that.

Better to end this runaway train of thought with some Scripture:

Isaiah 41:8-10